The Helstrom Universe is an international creative storytelling project. It is our mission to include diverse characters, cultural artifacts, song, dance, myths, legends, and spiritual practices from every continent and across every ocean.

The planet Earth has a beautiful bounty of life and ecosystems. As Homo Sapiens have swept over the planet we have told the stories of our experiences, our hopes, and our fears, both real and imagined.

The artifacts of the Helstrom Universe are inspired by these stories

Helstrom: A New Verse

Helstrom: A New Verse, is an immersive, interactive, multimedia gaming platform, created by international fine artist, Karina K. Harper. In this game you will have a chance to decide the fate of the characters in the WEIRDrpg, a VR gaming experience that will be open to the public in 2024.

Are you interested in BETA testing? Please contact weirdrpg.verse at

The setting is the Great Migration, a symbiotic economy on the planet Helstrom. It is a futuristic nomadic society where everyone is constantly on the move to escape the danger of the planet’s extreme weather patterns.

The characters in the backstory are submerged in a mysterious plot to steal ancient alien artifacts. Each character starts with an NFT in their possession. They have received an invitation to the Fete de Triste, a highly prized honor. It is common for the keeper of rare artifacts to be asked to attend prestigious social functions so that the artifacts can be put on display and enjoyed by all!

Each artifact is also a NFT currently for sale to initial investors and game enthusiasts who would like to help create the backstory of the role-playing game. Learn more about the NFTs here.

WEIRDrpg Artifacts

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