Portrait of Lehagenn Hanitsakhonn

This NFT is created for the WEIRDrpg set in Helstrom: The New Verse


The WEIRDrpg is an immersive, interactive, online gaming experience that exists in Helstrom: A New Verse, created by world renowned artist, Karina K. Harper. In this game you will have a chance to decide the fate of the initial characters in the backstory of the Helstrom Verse powered by the WEIRDrpg, a VR gaming system which will be open to the public in 2024.

The setting is the Great Migration, a symbiotic economy on the planet Helstrom. It is a futuristic nomadic society where everyone is constantly on the move to lessen the danger of the planet’s extreme weather patterns.

Your character is Jinko Balbao, a {Journey’Aum Courier} in the {Order of the DAWN}. It is your mission to see that the {ARTIFACT: Portrait of Lehagenn Hanitsakhonn} arrives to the Fête de Triste safely.

Your character is a player in the backstory of Helstrom: A New Verse {VARP Scenario: The Song of Yulalt} Behind the scenes is a mysterious player with a dangerous plot to steal valuable {ARTIFACTS}.

As the owner of this NFT, you will begin the game with the {CHARACTER} Jinko Balbao. Each character starts with an NFT in their possession, and a {QUEST} to accomplish. You have received a quest to transport the {ARTIFACT: Portrait of Lehagenn Hanitsakhonn} to the Fête de Triste, a prestigious affair that you would not normally get access to, as it is a highly prized honor for exclusive VIPs. However, it is common for the keeper of rare {ARTIFACTS} to be asked to attend prestigious social functions so that the artifacts can be put on display and enjoyed by all! As a {Journey’Aum Courier} from The Order of the DAWN the responsibility to get the painting to the event is up to YOU.

Meta Info: This NFT secures you a ticket to the initial {VARP scenario: The Song of Yulalt}. After purchase you will unlock the user account information to gain access to your playable character. This NFT is currently for sale to initial investors and game enthusiasts who would like to make a major impact in the backstory of the role-playing game powered by the WEIRDrpg, Helstrom: A New Verse.

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