Story Arc: Sanctuary

White Lotus Sanctuary

Your eyes flutter open. . Darkness slowly gives way to a dim soft light. The world feels distant and dreamy. The surreal slowly begins to focus on the only sense you can feel: sight. Now that you see, you understand: this is a color, a soft, hazy blue. Like the sky. It invites you to soar to the heavens in a vision of peace and ecstasy. You follow the color through the vastness of space and time to the edge of infinity. And, then, you realize that infinity is encircled by every horizon on every planet. You were lost, but you found yourself again. Unbidden, these words gently caress the edge of your mind: haint blue. These words are important. You blink. You have the vague suspicion that you have been asleep for a very long time, yet you feel as if you laid down in this very spot just moments ago. If only you could remember. .

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