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In the Deep South, nestled in the undulating valleys sheltered by the Crescent Ridge, grows an ancient family of trees, wise and compassionate. Here the LifeSongs are tuned to the vibrations of the Dance of Āsā and all the creatures that take refuge in Her Path. Āsāvana is the great forest refuge that marks the […]

Program: Helstrom: A New Verse

This multimedia fine art event featured a collection of cast bronze filigree sculptures by Ms. Harper. The sandcast bronze filigree sigils represented the first look at the factions of the Helstrom Universe. The satirical stories behind these Sigils demonstrate the philosophy of the WEIRDrpg. Local artists from New Orleans, LA, USA collaborated on the project. […]

Press Release: Helstrom: A New Verse

Artist Karina “Kitten” Harper Launches Creative Storytelling Project with Multimedia Arts Event New Orleans, March 17, 2022 – The Sigils of Helstrom, A New Earth: the unveiling of a new universe of creative worksby Karina “Kitten” Harper will be exhibited at The Den at The Howlin Wolf, 907 S. Peters St. New Orleans, LA, onMonday, […]

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