the WEIRDrpg: discover a Symbiotic future

Experience the metaverse. Create a society that builds a new world. Be the change you want to see. Explore a new perspective.

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An alternative reality dystopian fairytale YOU are a character in the Helstrom Verse, with the power to change the course of the societies reality. Will you lead the Great Migration to a New Age of culture? Or will you destroy all life? The Choices are up to You. Do you want to sign up to […]


Heiðarleika “Leika” Ókunnugur – DAWN Contributer Greeting treasured ‘Aum! I’m Leika!I’m obsessed with meeting new Aum, exploring Helstrom, and getting as lost as possible with my familiar, Marlyn. I have been dancing The Path my entire life. Now I work as a field reporter for the Order of the Dawn. Currently I am being hosted […]


The Children of Rymn carry the Sigil O’Rymn and are the highest order of the galactic elite. They have gone through all the training and protocol. They have been challenged in Khyāpayati and have passed the test. Their ranks continue to rise. They have mastered each of the Aum Philosophies, and are now ordained to […]

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