Sanctuary of the White Lotus

On the edge of the Sự Thử Plateau, perched upon the Cliffs Điên, a great fall of water cascades along the high pale walls of the Sanctuary of the White Lotus. Below, the shallow, muddy waters of Lake Vô Vọng are frosted over with the dazzling petals of the white lotus blossom, and the dire cranes catch the glittering fishes with patience and precision.

The immaculate sheer walls fortify a great library full of knowledge, ideas, and the sacred texts of every Aum culture, yet the clergy seek only emptiness. These austere, elegant figures wander through the halls continuously removing all signs of life from the impressive white-washed architecture. Though the Sanctuary is large enough to host the multitudes, very few venture inside, preferring the livelier colors of the chaotic camps below.

The Ankhlor

During the periods of Ice Epoch, all Aum that chose CryoSleep are guarded by the Ankhlor. As the long, cold days pass, there is always a fear that Sanctuary will be attacked by the great Ice Würm. If it does, the Ankhlor Singer must awaken to banish it. If the Singer fails, or does not awaken, it is the responsibility of the Ankhlor Guardians to protect all the lives taking refuge in the Sanctuary.

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