The Children of Rymn carry the Sigil O’Rymn and are the highest order of the galactic elite. They have gone through all the training and protocol. They have been challenged in Khyāpayati and have passed the test. Their ranks continue to rise. They have mastered each of the Aum Philosophies, and are now ordained to expand upon them. SyRy has chosen to form Saṃsarga with them, an exclusive symbiotic bond. A piece of the homogeneous sentient metal Aum then becomes an independent life and choses a new form and a new name, to become Familiar with the O’Rymn.
The O’Rymn are honored, even worshiped, among all Aum of every Sigil. At every event, large or small, there is always the seat of high honor waiting for them. Their Sigil grants them audience with any Master. Their inbox overflows with every invitation. Nothing is denied to them. Among all Sigils, they are the only Aum with the credentials to go off-planet.

They also have a great responsibility. Everyone is looking to them for direction. Their decisions decide the fate of thousands, millions, even billions of Aum. Entire ecosystems can become unbalanced or restored by their actions. The pressure on them is intense from each and every Sigil. They are not immune to consequences, but rather are judged harshly by them. They are sometimes worshiped, sometimes feared. Often it is both.

Follow the Black Rabbit

You awake suddenly, completely alert. Your skin is skimming with a quiet vibration and there is a strange resonance in the air. You feel it, rather than hear it. All is quiet around you. Your friends are still sleeping. Then you see a shadow move; a slice of elegant darkness steps away from the night. It is a powerful sentient, moving with grace and intention. Goddess? Angel? Danu? You feel yourself rise to your feet. You have no choice but to follow, mesmerized. You walk gently past the sleeping forms and out beyond the firelight and into the Wilds. The shadow leads you around a rock outcropping crowned with a weeping wylla tree and down into a shallow depression below. There are smooth ancient stone steps that cling to the boulders, then open into a starlit grove. There you see her clearly for the first time. She, you know it is She, the Kanyāratna Asiknī, “The Jewel of the Night”. You know her story. She stands as flawless as truth, watching you approach. You feel inclined to bow down to her, and yet you are starstruck and paralyzed in her presence. Your free will has not been arrested, there is just no desire to separate your eyes from this magnificent being. . She is glorious and radiant in her dark aura. Then she turns and reaches her dark ebony arm down to the clear pool at her feet. The starlight gives commentary on her every curve. A dancer of Tryste would seem clumsy in comparison. She manifests all that is hidden below the surface. She emanates with the true spirit of grace and intention. Her palm flattens. Her fingertips hover over the water. She does not touch the surface, yet the water begins to ripple in complex waves. Her eyes look deep beyond, deep beyond the abyss, out into the void. Without turning her head she asks you: “Will you hear these waters sing?”

what do you do?
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